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AOP Côtes de Provence

Dry and fruity, this rosé seduces by its aromatic expression, elegance and freshness. From the heart of Provence on Julian Faulkner’s family estate, this rosé offers the aromatic quintessence of Cinsault, Cabernet, carignan, and Grenache, and a careful balance between character and elegance.

Saint Julian AOP
Saint Julian AOP

After a historically dry year, 2018 was marked by long heavy rains until the summer. It was the year of the winemaker. It took a lot of rigor to control the explosive mildew, alas a hailstorm ravaged part of the vineyard. But all the efforts made took full advantage of the plots saved. The uninjured grapes were able to wait for their full maturity.

Grape Varieties
Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Rolle.

Tasting Notes
A clear peachy hue. The nose carries zesty aromas of lychee and pomelo. The mouthfeel is initially fresh followed by a feeling of roundness, followed by a long fruity aftertaste of pears and melons.

Meal suggestion
Mullet, appetizer, Provencal dishes, vegetables stew.